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Energy Management

We offer a bouquet of energy management solutions catering to any industry or operations.

We bring to the fore a proven portfolio that includes customizing, building and delivering energy management solutions through web-based real-time data monitoring, and implementation of software solutions for better management of electrical systems at different locations

We are adept at analytics and play the alerting role where we constantly tip the client on ground realities.

Our solutions are:

  • Fast
  • Customized
  • Proactive
  • Foolproof

We cater to:

  • Production facilities of all types
  • Warehouses
  • Power plants and utilities

Application areas

  • Power consumption
  • Power distribution
  • Water meter
  • Lighting
  • Solar and other renewable sources
  • Critical equipment

PowerSol Infra Services Private Limited

We have served hundreds of customers to do more with less.
We provide highly professional services to construct structures, develop electrical infrastructure to global standards, build air conditioning and ventilation systems with energy management, and industrial automation with the help of high-quality technological infrastructures such as IoT, Electronic safety, and security systems.


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